Roberto Rufo Gonzalez
Founder & CEO

  • Social entrepreneur, researcher & senior project leader
  • Research/project leader at Consupedia for 6 yrs.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
MsC Urban Planning & Architecture

Charlie Selin

  • Brand Strategist & Global Brand Manager, 10 yrs+ of exp.
  • Bonava, Pond Innovation & Design

University of Sydney
Bcom Marketing

Pär Thunberg
Tech Lead

  • Tech Lead/Senior full stack developer. 20 yrs+ exp.
  • Founder of Bärnt & Ärnst and Accomplice.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Msc Science

Developers & Experts

Mikeal Malmberg

  • Board member
  • Expert in behaviour change & Organisational Behaviour

Frits Daalmans

  • Senior Software Developer, back end, 30yrs+ of exp.
  • Expert on AI, Data Mining, Info. Extraction & Neural Networks

Advisors from KTH & HD

Björn Hedin

  • Research- and Developer Lead, 20 yrs+ exp.
  • HCI/Interaction design and sustainability, with a focus on food and behaviour change.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Ph.D in Media Technology

Cecilia Katzeff

  • Expert in nudging, human-computer interaction & sustainable interaction design.
  • Docent at KTH & research leader at Consupedia.

Stockholm University
PhD in Psychology

Sverker Johansson

  • Expert in AI & advanced information-gathering-bots.

Högskolan Dalarna
Chancellor’s Council