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Insights and tools for sustainable decisions since 2016. Partners to RISE.
How it works

Do you work in food? Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, restaurateur, food producer, catering manager or buyer for a municipality – you’ve come to the right place!

With Consupedia, you get full control of your climate footprint and 20 other sustainability parameters in the areas of environment, health and justice. Having worked with insights and tools for sustainable decisions since 2016, we are currently the only company in the world that can provide you with such a comprehensive picture.

How can you use Consupedia?

Improve your product range and your competitiveness.

Identify problematic products and secure your business for the future.

Cut costs with our automated systems.

Support for better decision making in procurement and purchasing.

Tools for setting goals, execution, follow-up and communication.

Guide for product development focusing on health, environment and justice.

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Show the sustainability profile of your products!

This is how it works!

Get on top of your sustainability in three simple steps:

Step 1

Select products to include in the declaration of sustainability – from a single product to tens of thousands of articles.

Step 2

Share the information with Consupedia, either by simply sending an email with a list of purchases, an Excel file covering your product assortment, a line of recipes or via a direct connection to our database.

Step 3

We deliver a report on how the products score on the full line of sustainability parameters in the Consupedia database.

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Sustainable food – So much more than climate impact

Our food has a direct or indirect impact on all UN Sustainable Development Goals. To make sustainable decisions about food we need to have the full picture.

Our products

Consupedia's products help you get a handle on your sustainability footprint. All products are connected to our world-leading database.

Wholesaler / Retailer

Sustainability report for singular products or entire assortments.

Connection to the database via API to communicate sustainability information to customers, for instance. via widgets in a web-shop.

PIM-system (Product Information Management) which provides a complete overview for each product.

Our prices depend on the number of items. Contact us for an offer!

Municipality & Restaurant

Sustainability report for goal setting and follow-up, as well as comparisons between different units and over time. Updated annually or quarterly.

Connection to the database via API for decision support in procurement and purchasing, as well as target management.

Menu tool to create and communicate sustainable and healthy meals.

Our prices depend on the size of your business. Contact us for an offer!


Sustainability report with complete data for each individual product.

Comparative report with competing products on the market.

Product development tool that uses comprehensive sustainability information as a basis for recipes.

Product widgets (digital labels) for communication with customers.

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