Enabling a

food system

Regardless of your role in the food system – producer, wholesaler, retailer, restaurant-owner, consumer – Consupedia will help you make smarter and more sustainable decisions about food.

Our tools and services are powered by the world’s largest and most detailed information source for the sustainability of food: the Consupedia Database.

Join us, as we create a transparent food system for a sustainable world.


Something for everyone

Perhaps you are a producer looking to improve the sustainability of your products? Or a wholesaler or retailer looking to survey, improve and communicate how sustainable your assortment is?

Consupedia will help you save time and money while boosting your competitiveness by staying on top of your products' impact on climate, environment, health and social justice.

Consumer making informed choices with the Consupedia app.
Consupedia collects sustainability information from leading independent sources.

How it works

All our sustainability data is retrieved from leading knowledge sources such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the World Health Organization, the European Food Safety Agency, and many more. By combining human and artificial intelligence we are able to connect an endless amount of sustainability information to each individual food product on the market.

The tools

Via our tools and applications stakeholders across the food system have direct access to our database. Join Consupedia's growing number of customers, collaboration partners and users today, to start making better, more sustainable food choices.

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