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Consupedia has built the world’s largest sustainability database for foods together with Dalarna University and The KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We are 100 % independent and here to provide fact-based information to guide more sustainable decisions and innovations.

Revolutionising the food system for a more transparent and sustainable world.


How it works:


The Data

Our database has the most holistic and detailed sustainability information available, gathering data from leading sources such as RISE, WHO, FAO Stat, Gapminder, EFSA, and more. The database includes 19 sustainability parameters with regards to the food’s impact on the environment, social justice and health. 


The Food

Consupedia has developed a unique process that allows us to assign any type of food – from micronutrients to food products and meals – an unlimited number of sustainability attributes. These include geographic origin, carbon and water footprint, use of antibiotics, risk of child labour, health-impact and much more.


The Tools

Our tools and applications make our database accessible and useful for stakeholders across the food system. We can help you 1) connect your database to ours (API) and complement it with sustainability data; 2) calculate and/or communicate your product’s sustainability impact, 3) plan more sustainable and waste minimising meals; or 4) access our data via our smartphone apps, and much more. 

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Consupedia tools and services.

The Future

Through our database, Consupedia serves as a catalyst for innovations within the food-tech ecosystem and helps nudge stakeholders across the entire food system towards more sustainable choices. Our imagination is the only limitation as to how this data can contribute to a more transparent, green, fair and healthy world.

How can we help you become more sustainable?