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The one-stop shop solution

New sustainability strategies, regulations and standards such as the EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles, the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, and the EU Digital Product Passports (DPP) are changing the world of textiles. We are building the one-stop shop for product and sustainability information management you need to change with it. Join the Consupedia Textiles Platform Partner Group today!

Comply, plan and navigate with current and upcoming regulations

As part of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission has introduced the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR), to promote a shift towards more sustainable and circular products. As a norm, all products regulated under the ESPR will be required to have a Digital Product Passport (DPP), which will be a digital representation of the product’s circularity and sustainability. The DPP will serve as a footprint from which a wide variety of stakeholders, including consumers and regulatory bodies, can track and trace the full life cycle of a product. A monumental step towards sustainability and circularity, the ESPR along with other existing and upcoming regulations such as the Norwegian Transparency Act and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act put a considerable amount of stress on the textiles industry to find and present the huge amounts of data required by the regulations.

All the data you need in one place

The Consupedia Textiles Platform will be the hub for textile companies all over the world to seamlessly collect, store, declare and aggregate product and sustainability information required to fulfill the ESPR as well as other regulatory demands for their full range of products. We provide the sustainability data you need for reporting, aggregating, communicating and steering your business towards prosperity.

A one-stop-shop solution enabling companies to meet current sustainability laws & regulations and be prepared for the coming

Mikaela Berntson, CEO, Homeroom Project Manager, Ellos Group

Join the

Consupedia Textiles Platform Partner Group

We are currently inviting more textile industry stakeholders to join as developing partners in the Consupedia Textiles Platform Partner Group. Our principal developing partner is the Ellos Group.

Why invest in the Consupedia Textiles Platform?

One data source for all your needs

Our one-stop shop database provides holistic product and sustainability information, drastically reducing the number of services textile companies need to engage with.

Compliance with regulations

As more and more countries are introducing sustainability regulations and standards in the textile industry, Consupedia helps you comply with, plan for and benefit from current as well as upcoming regulations.

Save cost

The seamless data setup of the Consupedia Textiles Platform will not only boost internal work efficiency, but also avoid costs by engaging partners and suppliers in uploading and updating all necessary data. Via the Consupedia reporting tools, companies can identify areas for improvement from a sustainability as well as financial performance perspective.

Build trust through transparency

Use the Consupedia transparency tools to build trust with consumers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders. Demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental sustainability by providing information such as carbon footprint, water usage, and labor practices.

Meet customer demand and build your brand image

Conscious consumerism is driving sustainability and ethical production practices, with consumers willing to pay more for products that align with their values. Join Consupedia to tap into this growing market, using transparency and proactivity to move ahead of the competition.

How it works

Our advanced AI-bots help us collect, sort, package, and present an enormous amount of data

Step 1

A seamless integration is set up between the Consupedia database and the textile company´s PIM (Product Information Management) system.

Step 2

Suppliers (raw and processed materials) upload product and materials data to the Consupedia Textiles Platform via a Product Information Portal. Thanks to integration between the Consupedia database and key players in the textile business, suppliers will reach many stakeholders with only one upload.

Step 3

Consupedia connects supplier data to sustainability information from leading independent sources. The textile company's PIM system will thus be enriched with both merch and sustainability data.

Step 4

Each product/material from each individual supplier receives its own sustainability declaration on the platform.

Step 5

Updates done by suppliers via the Product Information Portal will automatically be implemented in all connected companies´ PIM systems.

Textile companies connect to the Consupedia Textiles Platform to

  • seamlessly integrate the sustainability data with their own product data,
  • create sustainability declarations for individual products as well as entire assortments,
  • identify risk components/materials,
  • compile sustainability reports (based on e.g. procurement, production, sales),
  • access and export DPP key information,
  • browse sustainability profiles of alternative materials and suppliers, and
  • use the Consupedia visualization tools to simulate different scenarios for internal planning, as well as for external communication of sustainability goals and achievements to company stakeholders.

Consupedia enables

  • Sustainability declarations based on third party-verified sustainability data
  • Identification of risk products and materials
  • Basis for risk analysis and sustainability reporting
  • Data for constructive supplier dialogues and demands
  • Optimization of products and assortment according to sustainability goals.
  • Scenario modelling of environmental impacts and footprints.
  • Compliance with current – and preparedness for upcoming – sustainability regulations (HRDD, DPP, ERP, EU CO2 Emission Law, etc.)

KPI's / Trackning

  • Carbon footprint -CO2e/kg per SKU
  • Water footprint
  • Biodiversity
  • Social justice
  • Risk materials (environmental & health)

A seamless solution enabling companies to efficiently collect, aggregate, trace & declare sustainable product data covering the total product life cycle

Mikaela Berntson, CEO, Homeroom Project Manager, Ellos Group

Who is Consupedia?

Roberto Rufo Gonzalez, the visionary founder of Consupedia, is committed to fostering transparency and promoting sustainable choices.

Consupedia is the science-based company behind one of the world´s largest databases on sustainability (health, environment, social equity) on food. Founded in 2016, Consupedia is currently delivering product and sustainability information on hundreds of thousands of food products to some of Sweden’s largest actors in the food industry, including Reitan Convenience Sweden and Martin & Servera. Starting Q1 2024, we are building the sustainability and product management platform for textile businesses together with principal developing partner the Ellos Group.

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